Blueprint (Duroc)

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Work of Art X Dunked On X Next Chapter

Registration: 438274005
Ear Notch: 1-5
Bred by OC Showpigs
Housed at Crossroads Genetics
  • $60,000 purchase from 2023 version of The Draft!
  • One of the most exciting red boars we have purchased in the last several years!
  • We have not had one hit us as hard on a farm stop since we purchased Next Chapter as what BLUEPRINT did!
  • We have simply described him to people as the modern-day Next Chapter, so if that boar worked for your program, this one should too!
  • The bottom side of his pedigree is further evident of our feelings as it reads Dunked On X Next Chapter! The Dunked On sow is the mother of Evolution at Beamans! The Next Chapter sow originated from Lenig Bros and was the Reserve Champion Division 1 Gilt at the Southeast Regional in 2020!
  • He is sired by the highly popular Work of Art, the Olsen boar at Upperhand that has quickly made himself known!
  • The hard to make intangibles this one brings to the table gets you flat out excited!
  • The perfect combination of elevation and density in one package!
  • Impeccable height of shoulder and levelness from the side with a sleek look!
  • Complimentary body shape, muscle and mass that lay on his skeleton ideally!
  • Large limbs and big feet that meet the surface with a smooth and comfortable step!
  • One we feel sets the standard for what we think elite level Durocs need to look like!
  • Let BLUEPRINT be your guide to building big-time red ones!