Boomawang (Chester)

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Pound Sign x (First Take x Ein x Bonecrusher)
Housed at Ottenwalter

-With our sow herd growing in Chester numbers, when this rascal came along it only made sense to add him to our boar line up. Boomawang is one FLAT GOOD CHESTER BOAR!

-His momma is a great young double bred Ein daughter, and her dam, Ein 183-2, is a littermate to both Mountain Mike and the Champion Chester Barrow at the WPX in 2015.

-Boomawang is a moderate framed, bold ribbed boar who is both big legged and extra fault free in his make up. He is big and square through his chest, opened up at the base of his rib, massive up high with a big pinset, and he’s extra square and flexible behind. He will service a large chunk of our Chester females going into 2019!