Brace Yourself (Berkshire)

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Mother is a mate to Gorilla Monsoon, a Repeat mating to San Antonio Champion barrow, Lakyn Maucks Indiana Reserve Grand, the mother of Kitterman’s 3rd overall Indiana State Fair, and Glass House.

*The negative Joe Exotic son that jaws hit the ground when he walks out of the barn
*His natural ability to push tree trunks for legs as far past his tail as he does defies normal showpig logic
*His length of body, upper skeleton spread, and density of center skeleton read as off center as any we’ve ever been apart of
*As unique as any from a natural front end design standpoint, if his barrows have this much punch and still come with this skull shape and jawline they will not get beat
*Short marked, coal black, and as hairy as there has ever been and daddy is an total outcross to the industry
*Big ring kind with the intangibles to set new precedents in the breed from the most influential berkshire producing firm in the country

Bred by and owned with: Mauck Show Hogs


Housed at Beaman Show Stock