Branded (Duroc)

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Cry Baby X Yellowstone

Registration: 433603005
Ear Notch: 12-5
Bred by Hi Point Genetics
Owned with Frankowiack Showpigs & Harkey Farms
  • $70,000 Top Selling & Champion Duroc Boar 2023 WTC!
  • One of the most unique boars to hit the Duroc show ring in recent memory and one we knew we had to own!
  • Love his pedigree as he is essentially, a linebred Last Drop. Cry Baby is sired by Tear Drop, which is a Last Drop son at End Game Genetics!
  • BRANDED is the result of breeding Cry Baby back to his mother. Linebred for predictability!
  • To sweeten the pedigree pot even more, the Yellowstone sow is a littermate to Rip and was the 5th Overall Gilt & Champion Duroc at the Illinois State Fair Jr Show in 2019!
  • This litter was incredibly good as it also included the Reserve Duroc Boar at the WTC that sold for $46,000!
  • We think this is truly one special Duroc boar that combines elevation, attraction, and stoutness in a perfectly blended package!
  • Exceptionally tall fronted, sleek headed and dead level!
  • Elevated in his skeleton while still being short sided!
  • A broad backed one that has incredible turn and spread to the center portion of his body!
  • Extremely big legs and feet that motor around comfortably!
  • Pumped up to have this one on our team and feel he is going to do extraordinary things to make red pigs better!
  • Leave a lasting impression with BRANDED!!!