Bully (Duroc)

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* Class 2 Winner we snuck out of The Exposition that’s done nothing but continue to impress the last 2 weeks

* Dense, Dense, Dense. If you need more arm, rear leg bone, feature, and mass “Bully” is a quick fix to making these things burlier

* Moderate in length and extremely opened up in the lower portion of his skeleton, and his natural ability to plant and drive his hind leg back as square and comfortably as he does will set you apart to play in the big ring

* Study the natural neck set, length of front end, and presence, a stout one that’s still got the right look to keep them flat enough on the top side of their neck and cheeks trim enough

* A huge upper hip and pinset with a hip long and level enough to land a plane on, and wait until you see this one function off of both ends of his framework

* Move Over has had an incredible first season we think “Bully” launches our red program to another level

Housed at Beaman Show Stock