Button Up (Spot)

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Sire: Remain Silent
Dam: Emancipation
Bred by: Kaylee Lewis & Lance Martin Showpigs
Owned with: Team Sloan/ HF Genetics
Ear Notch: 4-5
Registration: 181647005
Stress Status: Negative
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Button Up is our boar we teamed up with Team Sloan and HF Genetics to get bought from Lewis and Martin. When Sloan told me about this boar and showed me video after looking for one, this was a no brainer to get bought. The mother was a very successful show gilt in 2020 and was named 5 th  Overall Spot at National Summer Show that year in Des Moines.

Button Up offers barrow proportions in terms of length and frame size. He is one that is dense made and great hair with bone and foot. He is one that is opened up in terms of mass and width up high and down low. He comes and goes with power and is square out of his hock. Offers shape up high and stifle shape as he leaves you. We all look for Spot lines that are quality, offer some different blood, and feel one can be BUTTON UP!!!!