Change It Up (Duroc)

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Summer Pricing
5-3-21 to 8-4-21
Overrun $50
    • Reg#: 404099006
    • EN: 65-6
  • Stress Test: Negative
Sire: Making Change
Dam: EST X Man on Fire

I have been looking for a boar we called Lades Man. Well in early May, Blake and I did some traveling together and after looking thru mature boars at Johns, we stepped into his chip barn. I found him instantly, not in the first two pens but he was standing getting a drink in the 4th pen. I honestly can't tell you much about the first pens but CHANGE IT UP hit me hard. I absolutely loved the pattern, balance and design from the side. His skin, hair, teat and toe quality are awesome. His squareness to his knee, chest, hock and hip are flawless. His elevation, length of head and neck are what I like. His length of hip and stride are really good and as you would expect CHANGE IT UP is a boar that comes from a firm that has kept some frame and production, therefore CHANGE IT UP is not a small hog. I have seen a lot of red hogs this late spring and summer and I really like the new purchases at Purple Power. I can say that CHANGE IT UP will see a lot of use here at our farm.