Cheap Seats (Cross)

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Tricked Out x Barbosa x Never Before
Raised by: Deterding

Stress: Negative

Mother was a sale maker @ OYE 2022
Grandma is a mate to the Grand Overall American Royal 2020

*The breed em all kind. No holes with lots of extras
*Loved this pigs length of upper hip, especially for his pedigree, throughout his life
*His ability to push his hock way past his tail head and have an unbelievably unique set behind always looked like it could win big barrow shows
*Streamlined from the side, not only does Cheap Seats offer a unique length of hip but his front end design is hard to make while still keeping them big caged and round bodied
*A big, crisp, square back with a great big hip behind. This one looks like he could stand the test of time in making timeless livestock with look, bulk, and skeletal integrity

Housed at Beaman Show Stock