Cheesehead (Hereford)

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Housed at Reinhardt Mini Ranch

"Cheese-Head" is our favorite 2020 boar prospect and what we truly believe is the best pig we have ever produced! A product of breeding our 2019 Hereford Nationals Grand Champion Boar, "He-Man" to the litter-mate sister of the 2019 Hereford Nationals Grand Champion Junior Gilt... we had to give this one a name that left no questions as to where he was bred!!!

In fact, there is honestly NOT ONE THING we would change on this hog. He is the most unique Hereford male out there... HUGE bone, perfectly square, smooth mover with swag to boot! With his massive wide shoulders, impeccable top-line, and outstanding markings... Cheese-head turns heads wherever he goes! 

We are so excited to use this one to enhanced the structure and soundness of our off-spring... as we believe he is truly the direction Herefords need to go, in order to compete for over-all titles against all breeds! We strongly encourage others who are serious in the future of our breed, to consider using this one.