Closing Time (Crossbred)

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Sire: Quittin Time
Dam: Big Step x Teen Spirit
Bred by: Threes Company
Owned with: The Stud
Ear Notch: 94-2
Stress Status: Negative

Closing Time is a boar that was bred by Three’s Company and was sold Fall 2021 at the Major League sale to The Stud. After seeing at 6 months, I knew we needed to buy him back. He had one season in Texas and we used him there and are very happy with pigs. He is out of a great litter of pigs that we sold well. One littermate sister was the calico gilt Camden Platt showed in 2021-22 winter jackpots in Ohio and racked up some banners. Sired by Quittin Time and has similar shape and power up high like his sire. Mother is Big Step cross gilt that is a littermate to the 2020 hairy virtual famous gilt the Hege Family showed. We really liked this litter and love this sow line, and a shot of pure in there, we  feel will add more predictability.

Closing Time is one tall fronted attractive boar that is level and has a great tail set on the side. Comes and leaves with shape squareness up high and heavy boned with the Big Step hair. Offers some shape and muscle definition on the topside and after getting litters will throw whites on those blue and white sows, and when taken to belts will have some blue, calicos, and belts. If wanting pigs to be predictable feeding hogs that people want to buy, then get in early with CLOSING TIME!!!