Connect the Dots (Crossbred)

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Next Intention X Decisive X On Parole

Bred by D and E Showpigs
  • Exciting purchase from 2023 version of The Draft!
  • Florida bred pig that caught our attention when watching the video preview for The Draft!
  • Genetic giant being sired by the dominant Next Intention and sprinkling both Decisive and On Parole into the mix on the sow side of things!
  • Sow side has been a staple for D and E providing lots of banners at all levels of competition in the state of Florida!
  • Fast forward to his arrival at Crossroads, and we’re fired up to have him here!
  • An athlete in terms of build and presence with one of the most comfortable skeletons we have ever seen!
  • Eye appealing in both color pattern and design from the side!
  • Tall fronted and sleek headed while being level from blade to hip!\
  • A good blend of muscle and mass to complement his skeleton!
  • One that should generate the kind of pigs that will simply never go out of style and be around for the long haul!
  • Let him CONNECT THE DOTS for a clear picture at the backdrop!

Housed at Crossroads Genetics