Cottonmouth (Spot)

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White Claw X Loud Mouth

Bred by & Owned with Lowdermilk Showpigs
Owned with Triggs Genetics & Kahl Spots
Stress: Negative
Ear Notch: 14-3
Registration: 182141003

-Eye catching Class Winning Spot from the 2023 Summer Type Conference!

-From one of the most successful spotted firms in the nation in Lowdermilk Showpigs!

-A big Thank You to Troy for buying back in, along with Triggs Genetics & Kahl Spots for owning a piece as well! Excited to see what this one will do for them!

-Sired by White Claw, the popular Armstrong boar from last summer that’s made quite a name for himself!

-Dam side is loaded with some of the very best genetics that’s carry the LOWD herdmark!

-She is sired by the legendary Loud Mouth and is a Full Sib to the Champion Spot Gilt at Fort Worth in 2018! She would also be the grandmother of the Grand Overall Gilt at the Team Purebred Jr National in 2021 and Reserve Spot Barrow at NJSS in 2021!

-This one easily fires you up if you like them balanced and impeccable from the side!

-A tall fronted, level built one that is absolutely next level in terms of look and presence! His ability to extend up front is breed changing!

-A stout made one that has incredibly big feet and legs!

-The build and comfort this thing has to his hip and rear leg is what the breed needs!

-Tie in his crisp, expressive muscle pattern to his proportional body shape and we feel this one has what it takes to make those big-time spotted showpigs!

-We are pumped to offer this one and feel he’ll be one of the next ones to etch his name alongside some of the great spotted sires that have stood here!

-Deliver that deadly bite and strike down your competitors with COTTONMOUTH!