My Rules (Crossbred)

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My Rules
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Sire: Breaking Rules
Dam: King James
Bred by: Keplinger Farms
Ear Notch: 63-5
Stress Status: Negative

My Rules was our first purchase for the 2020 summer crop and what a way we started when we landed this guy. This is one outstanding litter of hogs that offers quality and not only good sellable baby pigs, but hogs that are feeding and have the right maturity pattern it takes to make good big ones in the showring. Sow base on Keplingers program needs no introduction to making winning barrows and gilts from all stages starting at jackpots or big shows at the end.

My Rules is one that is a rare combination of being a bigger hog and yet a power hog. He is one that is loaded with shape, mass up high, comes with chest and power, leaves you big ended, and a square hip and hock. On the side, he is a high headed hog that balances so well with right set and angle up front and then can reach and flex behind. Winning the the Crossbred showring is not an easy task, but will be made a bunch easier when using MY RULES!!!!!!!