Pack A Lunch (Duroc)

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Chow x New Direction x PS 150 x Can’t Stop (Lesson Plan’s mom)
EN: 43-3
Registration # 400938003

Pack A Lunch was born in August of 2018. Between the fact of myself being way too busy and the weather not exactly cooperating, he was never pictured. His littermate is pictured that was a class winner at the 2019 OYE and was also Champion Duroc Barrow at Grady County, Oklahoma as well for Keaton Clark. Pack A Lunch was always destined to be a boar prospect in that litter because he was just one of those that would be difficult to replicate on a consistent basis! Not only did he have the balance, build, and ideal muscle/maturity pattern that we all look for in elite red hogs, but he brought some extras to the table in terms of bone, elevation at his shoulder and presence out in front of his blade! We used Pack A Lunch very heavy in his first crop and the pigs were everything I expected and more! He has since been used even harder for this next crop! He follows the Lesson Plan stuff real good at our place and several other lines as well!

Pack A Lunch come out of his mother’s first litter. In her second litter, she made the Champion Duroc & Grand Overall Land of Lincoln Barrow for Ella Bobell at the 2019 Illinois State Fair Junior Show and a couple of other highly successful jackpot barrows and a keeper gilt as well. Her third litter, that we just got done marketing, was possibly her best litter yet! That included our $6,400 Purette Gilt at the Perfect Timing Pig Sale! Needless to say, she is starting to surface as a key sow within the herd! Great herd boars come from even better sows! Use Pack A Lunch with confidence, we have taken the guesswork out of the equation here!

Housed at Beyers Farms