Eclipse (Crossbred)

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Stress Negative
Bred By: Adam Beck & Family Showpigs
Housed at Crossroads Genetics

Shares same dam as Affirmed, Citation & Assault! Sometimes we get lucky to have good fortune when it comes to sows laying down and cranking them out time in and time out! The Triple Crown sow is quickly cementing her legacy of being one of the most influential sows to ever step foot on Joppa Rd! In 3 litters she has produced 4 big time stud boars and shows no signs of slowing down! We anxiously await her litter every season and she never tends to disappoint. We bred her to Best Man the first 2 times producing Affirmed & Citation in the first litter and Assault & his popular littermate sister; who won her class at Perry this winter. The 3rd go around we changed it up a little and bred her to Hurricane at Brinning’s. We had heard lots of good things on him and after visiting with Shane it was a no brainer! It worked lights out and may have produced her best son yet! Eclipse is one impressive monster to view in person. An absolute athlete in how he handles himself when he gets out in the yard. A huge boned, big footed one that has a big motor that can go. Take a long and flexible stride that is square and correct off both ends. A stout one in his skeleton that is big legged with a stout head and cool showpig look. Eclipse is loaded with mass and muscle in a smooth kind of package. Opened up and wide off both ends with incredible power! Visitors that have seen him rave over how unique this one is! We might sound biased but we absolutely love this one and are excited about his potential! Put the competition in the dark with Eclipse!!!