Enterprise (Chester)

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Selfish Ambition X Overruled X Ein
Stress Negative
Reg # 156326006
Ear Notch 3-6
Bred by & Owned with Beyers Farms, TX
Housed at Crossroads Genetics

– Awesome private purchase from Todd Beyers & Family that gets us pumped up!!!
– Sired by Selfish Ambition, the popular Beyers boar at Armstrong’s, that has not been
available to the public!!!
– Dam is the Reserve Champion Chester Gilt from the 2018 State Fair of Texas and just recently produced the Reserve Champion Chester Gilt at the 2020 San Antonio Stock Show; along with 2 premium sale barrows at Texas majors!!!
– Linebred pedigree with Selfish Ambition &  the mother of Enterprise being 1/2 siblings. They both share the same Ein sow as their mother who happens to be a littermate to First Take!!!
– Phenotypically impressive from the side being tall fronted and extra-long necked!!!
– Great patterned one that is dead level with awesome reaching power off both ends!!!
– Shapely on the top side of his skeleton with ideal mass & dimension!!!
– Feet and legs are superb and motor with ease!!!
– Excited to have this pair of Beyers boars on board and feel with the set we have assembled, can breed a vast majority of the Chester sows in the country and get you to the winner’s circle!!!