First Take (Chester)

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Housed at Crossroads Genetics
Stress Negative | Registration: 148346001 | Ear Notch: 12-1
Bred By: Beyers & Biggs | Owned With: Beyers & Biggs

On occasion, special opportunities will present themselves and the results that can derive from those occasions can be rather rewarding! That is exactly the case here in this dynamite Chester White boar! When Todd & Brandon reached out to us about this boar in being one they were very confident in and felt was a special kind of one, it immediately caught our attention. Once we got into what he was and how potent his genetics were, we were way in! The success that Ein had generated, and his untimely death made us feel that First Take will be a must use. The Road Rage X Lucky Me mother of this boar could be ranked in legendary status with the accomplishments she has garnered in her short tenure. Known to Biggs & Beyers as MJ, her accomplishments include: the Champion Chester Gilt @ OYE, Champion Chester Barrow @ Houston in 2014, the 5th Overall Gilt & Champion Chester @ Springfield, Reserve Champion Chester Gilt @ San Angelo, Reserve Champion Chester Barrow @ WPX in 2015, and the $6,000 Champion Chester Gilt & $4,750 3rd to the Champion and Reserve Chester Gilts @ San Angelo in 2016 (both gilts are littermates to First Take). The Lucky Me grandmother incorporates our old Heartbreaker boar and he was our initial Chester purchase that paved the way for our successes in this breed. First Take is an absolutely incredible specimen to view and like no other Chester boar we have seen! This one is so heavy structured and big footed but the angle, set and flex to his hock and hind leg are incredible! This one takes a long athletic stride when he sets into motion and the squareness of his reaching power is awesome. Tall shouldered with a good, attractive look up front. Muscle shape and mass are ideal and this one is great in his rib shape and body mass. We think this one is going to continue on the tradition of winning ways here in our Chester program by making big time Chester White show hogs. Many that have been thru to see him comment if he’s a barrow I don’t know how he gets beat by anything! No argument from us here! Do it right from the beginning and start your winning ways with First Take!!!