Jackpot (Poland)

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Stress Carrier
Registration: 47959001
Ear Notch: 107-1
Bred By: Vegas Showpigs
Owned With: Patrick McDonald
Housed at Crossroads Genetics

The Poland breed is not one that we are necessarily known for but when it comes to buying big time boars that we feel can make an impact we’re all in on that! There was a strong buzz heading into the World Pork Expo surrounding the Poland boar show. The promotion of boars headed to the show was strong and they certainly lived up to the hype. Unfortunately they all ended up in the same class but it was a fun one to spectate. The Sheets boar topped them all on his way to being named Champion and did so in easy fashion. We felt fortunate to bring this one home to be our headline Poland boar and is one that offers a little different pedigree then current, mainstream sires. Thanks for Patrick McDonald for teaming up with us on this one. Jackpot is sired by Warsaw, the Sheet boar formerly at SGI, and is out of a Stacked Deck sow. He is a stress carrier and comes from a super successful litter. His littermate brothers were named Champion & Reserve Poland Barrows at the Team Purebred Jr National at Springfield! Jackpot is one unique Poland boar in our minds. One that is just burly and stout in his skeleton. Massive in his center body with a big back and a big hip. Great shape and muscle is a smooth but bulky package. Opened up and square at the ground with great hind leg placement. One that can simply get out and go when set into motion. Tall fronted with a good show hog look and dead level view from the side. We feel this one has all those totals to make those elite kind of Poland showpigs. This is easily breed for breed on of the most exciting sires that we’ve had the privilege to own. Ring a bell and win the big prize with Jackpot!!!