Role Model (Spot)

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Stress Negative
Registration: 169887002 Ear Notch: 73-2
Bred By: Ottenwalter Showpigs
Housed at Crossroads Genetics

– Awesome private purchase from the Ottenwalter crew that will make you excited about raising spots!​
– Sired by Super Model, the highly impressive boar that stood at Morgan Genetics!
– Mom is the Reserve Grand Overall Gilt & Champion Spot from the 2017 Arizona National!
– Impressive spotted boar that is right for the times in terms of being tall shouldered and sleek fronted!
– Offers extra extension and frame size sought after by today’s spotted breeders!
– Square and true off both ends of his skeleton with perfect front feet!!!
– Huge bones and a comfortable stride!
– Shape and muscle are proportional to his design and build!
– The spotted boar that needs idolized to keep the breed moving forward!