Scorpion (Spot)

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Stress Negative
Registration: 161342003
Ear Notch: 6-3
Bred By: Norman Farms
Owned With: Norman Farms
Housed at Crossroads Genetics

The Spotted show at Indy is always extra deep and competitive and this year was no exception. Lots of great boar options to land on but we put our sting on the Norman Farms entry. He was the top-selling boar for $17,000 and is sired by the popular Loud Mouth boar. SCORPION is a littermate to the Champion Boar at the Summer Type Conference this summer. SCORPION is an incredible spotted boar in terms of levelness and look combined with width and power. Tall shouldered with great look up front and jet level from blade to hip. Extra shapely up high for a negative with a big rib cage. Width and squareness at the ground is superb and this one can get out and cover some surface. Take out our competitors on the way to the big banner with a sting from SCORPION!!!