Full Throttle (Duroc)

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Sire: Maximus
Dam: High Alert x Attention

Registration #: 413182003

Housed at Knauth+Olson

Full Throttle is one of the next pieces to the puzzle in Elkhart. He comes from the mate to Unchained’s Mom and their granddam is Stand Tall’s mate. Throw a Stand Tall grandson in the mix and yep, it’s lined up tight! We’ve found that breeding good pigs to good pigs is a pretty good philosophy. When they happen to have the kinds of sows that this guy has laying back in their pedigree, we can’t wait to run them back through. This guy will work very well on our Unchained, Stand Tall and Next Chapter daughters. All females that are in full supply around here and all sires that originated in southern Logan County. We are pumped to see what this guy and his mate, Wide Open, can do as we move forward.