Unchained (Duroc)

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Sire: Selfish 
Dam: High Alert

Bred by: Olson Farms 
EN: 6-5 
Registration#: 404865005

Housed at Knauth+Olson

Unchained is exactly what we were trying to do when we tied into Selfish last summer and he ranks right up there with some of the best we’ve made over the years. I’m sure that buying a $35k boar to shut down and cover our own sows left a few scratching their heads but he hit me hard and I was betting on the females around here to help prove me right. Breeding him to Kelten’s 3rd Overall Duroc Gilt from Expo ‘18 and her mate was non-negotiable. It appears that mating will be worth the price of admission and this guy is definitely high on our list for our next step. His High Alert dam had a good run and his Attention x Can’t Stop granddam is a mate to Stand Tall. When one looks like this, has mates like he does and comes from arguably our hottest sow line, it’s really a no brainer to make him the Duroc cornerstone of the new Knauth + Olson Boars. He will see heavy use here and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this young stud.