Gotti (Chester)

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Sire: Hilljack
Dam: EIN
Bred by Lindner Showpigs
oused at Southern Superior

Southern Superior Sires is proud to have Gotti in our lineup! When Luke Lindner made him available we jumped at the opportunity to own this proven sire of champions. If you’ve seen Gotti in person, you know he is an absolutely monster of a specimen.

Gotti’s pedigree is stacked with great sows, boars, and show barrows alike; his littermate barrow was Reserve champion at the 2018 State of Texas. He himself has sired some incredible offspring with limited exposure, including the Reserve barrow at State Fair of Texas, Champion gilt at State Fair of Texas, Reserve Barrow at San Angelo, and champion gilt at the Mid South Regional just to name a few. Gotti has proven his ability to generate massive bone, muscle, and a unique look and presence within the Chester breed. He needs to be used hard, and should be on anyone’s short list who owns Chester sows. We are incredibly excited to house him here!