Dynamic (York)

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    • Reg#: 626936003
  • EN: 19-3
Sire: Sit Tight
Dam: Leaps and Bounds

I absolutely love Dynamic. I am all about buying boars out of prolific females.his dam was 4th overall Yorkshire at WPX 2018 and his litter mate sister was just named 3rd Overall Yorkshire Gilt at the 2019 Exposition Jr Show. Dynamic was purchased the week before and we at Purple Power are super excited he is here. Dynamic is a really complete ,balanced boar that is not screwed up anywhere. His ability to be good looking,tall shouldered,square built,sound with muscle are all PLUSES. He is long fronted and a bit shorter from flank to flank yet still is an elevated boar. Potentially the most important thing is when you walk up to the pen he always demands your look every time.


Housed at Purple Power