TSP9 Transcendent 6-8 (Spot)

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Bodyguard x Downtown x Cash x Reason Why

We’re jacked to introduce our newest herd sire... Transcendent! Ever since the double crinkle boar prospect was on the nursery decks we knew he was special. It’s hard to put into words the opportunities this boar presents not only to our sow herd, but to the breed in terms of proportions and feature while maintaining skeletal build.

Transcendent’s skeleton is next level for a spotted hog. He’s ultra tall shouldered, short backed, square coming and going, and takes balance and design to another level. This dude’s stout featured in his skull and jaw line, busted open throughout his skeleton, and boasts some massive limbs and fat toes at the ground. When set into motion his advantages in angles, joint quality, and pastern set make him a rare breeding piece.

Transcendent hails from a tremendous TSP sow line and comes out of a very deep litter. In Des Moines- his mate sister was the Class 9 winner in the Jr Show and littermate brother was the Reserve Champion Boar.. We’ve been striving to make the different one that reads as an outlier and we believe Transcendent does that and more!

Housed at Triggs Showpigs