Blue Square (Crossbred)

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Sire: Square Edge

Dam: Bear 76

Bred by: Shepherd Show Stock

Ear Notch: 6-8

Stress Status: Negative
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Blue Square is our off the farm purchase from Wes Shepherd and out of a sow line that we love. Sired by the Square Edge boar that has had a great first season at Upper Hand, winning many counties and State Fairs. Mother of this dude is a $9,000 baby from Platt Showpigs and grandmother is the sow called DJ Moyer, and one that has been built around with daughters, as well as, cloning.

Blue Square is one that is built similar to his sire with a crazy head, neck, and extension. He is a level made boar that is upheaded, super attractive from the side with flex and reach off both ends, and a square hip and hind leg. He offers back shape and power with chest width coming and leaps with power and muscle. If needing to use a hog that is extended and still offers muscle and power, then pick BLUE SQUARE!!!