Bounced (Crossbred)

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Sire: Hot Check

Dam: Kiss My Socks (Full Sister To 2018 WPX Grand Champion Cross Gilt)

Bred by: Stohlquist Showpigs

Ear Notch: 95-3

Stress Status: Negative

Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Bounced is an of the off farm purchase from Stohlquist, along with Pony up, and the sire of both - Hot Check. Bounced is boar that not only has a pedigree that we know can win at big levels, but the quality that everyone wants. Mother of this guy is a full sib to the gilt that was named Grand Champion Crossbred Gilt at the 2018 WPX. Sired by Hot Check, he is such a consistent sire that makes the kind that are easy feeding and easy winning.

Bounced is a killer looking boar that is flexible and sound off both ends of his skeleton with a great head carriage. Opens up coming and leaves with an incredible hip and hind leg that is square and flexible. Shape up high and ties-in right about his topline with ideal frame and length ratio. When looking for a crossbred boar with great look and build with an incredible hind leg, then think about getting BOUNCED!!!