Cure All(Berkshire)

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Sire: Medicine Man
Dam: Monopoly
Bred by: Albright Swine Farm
Ear Notch: 75-2
Registration: 155910002
Stress Status: Negative

Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Cure All is our off the farm purchase from Albright Swine Farm and has that wow factor. Not only does he offer quality, but has a predictable mother that is a generator. She is the mother of Clean, another Albright berk boar we purchased last summer. Littermate to Cure All was Grand Champion Berkshire Gilt 2019 STC.

Cure All is not only a very good mature boar at 300 lbs, but Albright said was an absolute standout as a little pig. He is a stout made hog that is huge boned, has big feet, and all the extras everywhere. Shape and spread up high, comes and goes with width and power, squareness, and a big center body. If you have bigger attractive sows that need more power and keep feet in legs in check, then we have your CURE ALL!!!