Dirty Harry (Crossbred)

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Sire: Dirty Secret
Dam: Red Handed x $40K Roxy
Bred by: Platt Showpigs
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 4-1
Stress Status: Negative

Dirty Harry is a boar that is out of a very good litter that we farrowed, and one that we showed to all our visitors this fall. Sired by the late Dirty Secret, we decided to cover some elite females to him to try to make some boars and keeper gilts, and he for sure did that for us. Mother of this litter is the Red Handed Heimer gilt that Pages showed in Georgia and won a bunch with. Grandmother is the $40,000 Roxy sow that Heimer had had great luck with and made some killer daughters. So this would make this mating a _ Sib to the Grand barrow 2018 San Antonio, Reserve at Denver, and Reserve Barrow at Fort Worth all in 2018 bred by Heimer. Dirty Harry is a boar that brings a bunch to the table in terms of bone and foot size with good pasterns. He is a shaggy haired hog that is very dense in his skeleton and has power and width coming and going. Has always been great in terms of shape and muscle on the top side and takes the power to the ground. He is loose and flexible off both ends and has the ability to reach and take a long step. Do I feel lucky????...and many should being able to use a boar like DIRTY HARRY!!!!