Domino (Yorkshire)

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Sire: Dominator
Dam: Capital Gain
Bred by: Stohlquist Showpigs
Ear Notch: 5-7
Registration: 628537007
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Domino is another boar purchase from the Stohlquist firm. After seeing what his Yorkshire program is doing, it was a no brainer to buy them all up. Out of one incredible litter and this dude was a standout baby pig and hasn’t changed as a mature. Littermate barrow was named Champion Yorkshire and 3rdOverall Barrow at the 2019 Expo, a sister had a great run at Expo getting a piece of a division and Champion Yorkshire Bred and Owned. Then at NJSS was 4thOverall Yorkshire, Champion Yorkshire Bred and Owned, and Reserve Grand Overall Bred and Owned. This mother is one barrow making machine and has proven herself time after time making winners in the showring.

Domino is the combination hog that can be labeled as a power hog, yet not a small hog. He is awesome from the side being level and correct about his topline with an incredible head and neck. He is impressive up high with shape, spread and mass, comes with width, leaves you with power and a shapely hip, and takes that power to the ground. He is sound and flexible off both ends, still has good center body, and is heavy boned. He is one that can be used on a wide range of females, and we have confidence in this guy making hogs better because the way he and his mates look is what it takes to win at all levels. When wanting to make winning Yorkshires or Crossbreds, stack this guy in and knock them all down with DOMINO!!!!