Eduardo (Hampshire)

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Sire: Diablo
Dam: Solution
Bred by: Grimm Genetics
Ear Notch: 24-5
Registration: 507430005
Price: $200/dose

Eduardo is Reserve Grand Boar from the 2020 NSR Fall Classic from Grimm Genetics. A real neat pedigree with the top side some of Shon and Jim Grimm’s good genetics. The mother is a female that came from Gibson and littermate sister was Champion at the 2019 Fall Classic. Sired by Diablo and that offers some different blood for us and many to take advantage of.

Eduardo was a great find in Duncan, meaning the Hampshire boar and also the Mexican restaurant. We have been wanting to find a Hampshire boar that can cover a wide range of sows, and this guy fits the bill. He is an awesome designed boar that is heavy boned, big footed, with a great hip and hind leg that is square and flexible. Tall fronted boar and offers some more length and frame, yet has good shape up high. Making Hampshires sometimes can be challenging, but can be made a lot easier when using EDUARDO!!!

Housed at Upperhand Genetics