Everyone Knows (Hampshire)

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Sire: One Bite
Dam: Click 285 ($16,000 Heimer Sweethearts '17)
Bred by: Platt Showpigs
Ear Notch: 35-1
Registration: 505975001
Percentage: 99%

Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Everyone Knows has been a standout from the very start and were percentage tested at 3 days of age because they were so special. His sire One Bite, we have loved the way pigs have fed out of him and is the balance and design boar that passed that on. Mother of this boar is the $16,000 Weanling Sweethearts gilt from Heimer that Caldwells showed in 2018 and had a successful show career. This was a short litter. The other pig in the litter was named 3rd Overall Hampshire Barrow at the 2020 NJS at 230 lbs. We really liked this mating when we did it, but after getting these pigs and watching them mature it will get anyone excited to be in the Hampshire Business.

Everyone Knows is so good everywhere with some of those extras it takes to get them to the next level. He is a boar that offers power and shape up high with a big center body. Width up high that he takes to the ground. Comes at you with a big square chest, naturally up headed, and turns and leaves with a clean square hock and power. Great head and neck on the side profile with natural body shape, incredible skeleton with correct knee and shoulder set, and a hind leg that is near perfect. A special Hampshire boar, that is one of the favorites I have seen in the breed and will soon be a boar that EVERYONE KNOWS!!!!