Fight Club (Yorkshire)

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Fight Club
Sire: Times Up
Dam: Leaps And Bounds
Bred by: Kilmer Swine Farm
Ear Notch: 22-1
Registration: 635504001

Fight Club is a boar out of a tremendous litter that was loaded with quality and a sow line that flat gets it done. This one one of the deepest Yorkshire litters I have seen in a good while. Littermate boar is Knockout and 4 littermate gilts bringing $22,500 and fed incredible. Littermate gilts showed at the National Junior Show with one that was named Grand Champion Overall NSR Gilt for Brantley Platt, Owen Hege drove his mate to the 5thOverall Yorkshire Gilt, and Riley Rodibaugh’s gilt was named 4th Overall Division 3 Yorkshire Gilt. Mother of this guy is the mother of Shot Caller and a littermate gilt was named Champion Yorkshire and Reserve Grand Market Hog at the 2019 NAILE. Pedigree is loaded with predictability and quality, can cover a bunch and wide variety of females.

Fight Club is an impressive boar from about all angles. On the side, he is a great proportioned hog with natural muscle, shape, right length of body, ties into a good head and neck, and keeps that extension. Get on top of this guy, he is massive and bulky with shape and mass. Comes at you with width and squareness, turns and goes away with a square hip and hind leg. Great in the center part of his body and angles are good off both ends with flexibility and comfort. This is a boar that we have so much faith in, and unlike the movie the word is out and it’s ok to talk about FIGHT CLUB!!!!