Gone West (Crossbred)

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Sire: First Kiss
Dam: Fortune
Bred by: No Limit Genetics
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 350-6
Stress Status: Negative

Gone West is our private purchase from No Limit Genetics and out of one awesome litter and the boar that we have been hunting for.Mother of this litter is a proven female raised by Newcastle Gentics and is a littermate to the $10,000 Grand Champion Gilt at the 2015 CA State Fair, that was sold to Ottenwalter. Sired by the First Kiss boar that we bought last summer as a mature from Stohlquist. People are loving the way those pigs are looking and feeding. Littermate gilts to Gone West were successful in the show ring, one that did great jackpotting in Arizona and another that was Reserve Division at Arizona National. Gone West is a boar that is as attractive on the side and level hipped as you can make. He is also one that you can call a powerful beast in terms of having a stout tail and huge legs with big feet and square and out on the corners. He is so good in terms of back shape, spread, and carries that power to the ground in a sound and flexible package. We think this guy can work on a wide variety of females and can work real good on those Yorkshires or Yorkshire influenced females that need more shape and look. If you want to make them better and keep them attractive with muscle and power, then it’s time you get GONE WEST!!!