High Horse (Crossbred)

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Sire: Pony Up
Dam: Dirty Secret x Distinct
Bred by: Cantrell Showpigs
Ear Notch: 1-2
Stress Status: Negative

High Horse is an off the farm purchase from Cantrell Showpigs and out of a sow that has flat got it done. Her first litter produced the 2019 NAILE Grand Champion Market Hog. Then this litter and her last litter sold for a little over $85,000. High Horse is sired by Pony Up and has some similar things to his sire, yet in a more barrow and boar making package.

High Horse is one that is so impressive and is the perfect match of power and design. He opens up coming at you and leaves you with power and squareness. Shape and muscle up high, takes that width to the ground, and is flexible off both ends. Great rib and center body and everything matches on this guy from all angles. Incredible boar with a proven pedigree. Winning shows can be made easier if you’re on your HIGH HORSE!!!!!