Jail Tats (Yorkshire)

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Sire: The Prophet
Dam: Cloud 9
Bred by: Stohlquist Showpigs
Owned with: Heimer Hampshires
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 4-3
Registration: 574182003

Jail Tats is now at Upper Hand Genetics and thanks to Heimer Hampshires for sharing him with us and the Yorkshire breed. We have got to see quite a few of these the past couple years and for the current time think he fits the bill on his build, and offers an outcross pedigree with no Untouchable, Gain Control, In Control, or Amped Up. This boar was bought online by Small Town as a weanling from Stohlquist, and then later Heimer saw value and wanted. After working a month, we struck a deal with Jesse. Littermate to Jail Tats was the Halat barrow in 2015 that was the dominating Grand Champion Barrow at the 2015 NJSS. Backed on the sow side with some great Ricker females that the Stohlquist firm has done an unreal job getting bred right. Jail Tats is one impressive mature boar that offers great design and look, yet still rugged and stout. He is going to bring some spread and mass and still keep them good on their pasterns and correct and square on feet and legs. He will make them bigger and taller fronted with a good pattern from the side. After feeding some out of this guy, those hogs are incredible feeding because their skeletons are square and they are so good on feet and legs. Not only offering some new blood in the Yorkshire breed, but offering quality and making better hogs can be said about JAIL TATS!!!!