Mastermind (Duroc)

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Sire: Forefront
Dam: Challenger (The Fordice Sow)
Bred by: Norman Farms and Ripberger
Owned with: Tres Amigo Showpigs/Doc Fischer
Ear Notch: 17-3
Registration: 406788003

Mastermind is the $210,000 World Record Selling Duroc Boar from the 2019 STC. When this guy hit the ring, it was a no brainer that we needed to own him to join our incredible lineup of red boars. Our theory of that is making Upper Hand the one stop shop to breed all types and kinds of Duroc females, making it easy for us as breeders and other fellow breeders. We teamed up with our good friends Tres Amigos Showpigs and Doc Fischer to bring this guy back to Upper Hand. Mother of this litter is one of the elite ones in this breed producing so many sons that have truly helped make hogs better. This Challenger sow is the mother of the following boars He’s The One, New Direction, Class Act, Consensus, Twister, Total Conviction, and Rising Sun. He is sired by the Champion boar from the 2018 WPX that was bred by Hirschfeld and a powerful square built hog. Not only a pedigree that is deadly, but when this guy hit the ring I got a few comments from non-Duroc breeders they need to buy a sow to use him on because he is a big time changer.

Mastermind is the no holes kind with all the extras that you can stick in one and still keep them correct. He is tall fronted, has perfect proportions from the side with enough extension on the side, and big enough in his kind. He is up on his pasterns and square coming at you with a good knee, and leaves you with a perfect hip and hind leg that is square to the ground. His set to his shoulder and hind leg is perfect, giving him the ability to get out and flex and reach off both ends. He has a huge forearm and big hind leg with big feet and spread to his toes. Opens up top with shape and muscle, carries it down his top, and opens up with a big center body and ribcage. It’s hard to predict the future with making champion red ones in the big ring, but will be easy using MASTERMIND!!!!