Overruled (Crossbred)

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Sire: Rule 21
Dam: Visionary
Bred by: Ottenwalter Showpigs
Owned with: Cobb Farms
Ear Notch: 224-5

Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Overruled is an off the farm purchase from Ottenwalter that took us no time to pull the trigger on. This dude is sired by the late Rule 21, and after seeing the way those hogs fed out it was an added bonus that this stud was sired by him. Mother is a female that has all of Ottenwalter’s key sows in it and a pile of winners. We partnered with Cobbs to get this guy bought. Aaron got to see him at 100 lbs, and tried to sneak out but that wasn’t happening. The first call I made after getting this dude offered to us was to Cobbs, and they said no brainer - we are in. Great pedigree and a boar that is going to see great females.

Overruled is the ideal frame and length of body to be able to cover a wide variety of females and make them better. He is hog that on the side is incredible looking up front with a level spine and great proportions. Opens up high with shape and spread and takes it to the ground. Leaves with a huge hind leg, square, and can reach. Great set up front and cushion behind and up on pasterns. If you are wanting to making winning hogs that can fit about any judge, then get OVERRULED!!!!

Stress Status: Negative
Housed at Upperhand Genetics