Pumped Up (Yorkshire)

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Sire: Amped Up
Dam: Gain Control
Bred by: Ricker Yorkshires
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 13-4
Registration: 612121004

Pumped Up is an off the farm purchase from Ricker Yorkshires, and without question the RIY Herdmark is the most influential and dominant in the Yorkshire breed. Winning at all levels, boars that breed on, and females that everyone in the country knows work. This guy hit us very hard when we were over there looking at baby pigs and was a must have at Upper Hand. After buying Leaps and Bounds, Chest Bump, and Fist Bump, we didn’t think we needed another Amped Up son till we found this guy. He offers some incredible pieces for this breed from a firm that will continue to STAY ON TOP!! Pumped up is one that is pictured at 400 plus pounds and after breeding 50 sows, but is a massive dude. He is heavy structured, has huge feet with correct pasterns, and a hip and hind leg that is flawless. Still offers great spread and shape up high and takes that to the ground up front and behind. Great flesh and center body with the perfect length of body to be able to produce breeding gilts, barrows, and breeding stock. Very strong about his topline and the kind of boar that can cover a variety of females. We believe in this boar and is our favorite boar bred by Ricker which is a very big statement, but this dude has us PUMPED UP!!!!