Rename (Crossbred)

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Sire: Recovery
Dam: Swamp Monkey ( Swamp Fever's Littermate Sister)
Bred by: Brinning Genetics
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 58-1
Stress Status: Negative

This is the $10,000 high selling boar at the 2009 NSR Extravaganza. We thought that this boar was very good at Richmond, but after we got Rename home for a month he turned into a GREAT boar. He is built so correct from a structure standpoint, being very flexible off both ends. Yet this guy is heavy in his bones and carries shape down his top and through his stifle. A wide made boar with great rib cage and awesome look. Shane kept some of this boar and he is very glad he did. Rename is one of the stoutest stress negative boars that we have ever seen and looking at him you wouldn't think he was a negative. Stout, stout, stout!