Seriously (Landrace)

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Sire: Really Really Really

Dam: Clocks Ticking (Rodibaugh Knauth Champion 2018 WPX Jr Show)

Bred by: Platt and Justin Rodibaugh Family

Ear Notch: 24-2

Registration: 152913002

Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Seriously is a boar that we couldn’t bring ourselves to cut in the crates and are glad we didn’t. Anyone that knows us, knows we don’t keep many boars around, any breed or color, because we like selling barrows that can win. This guy not only had some new blood on the top side to what we have had, but he is built right. Mother is the gilt that came from Knauth that is a littermate to Overtime and was named Champion Landrace Gilt at the 2018 WPX shown by the Justin Rodibaugh Family. Sired by the Really Really Really boar that we really liked at STC. When he sold, we knew we needed to breed a couple good sows to him and very happy with results.

Seriously is one the Landrace breed can use because of his extra elevation, extension, and look from the side. He is tall fronted, level from the side, and angles are right off both ends. He offers squareness at his knee and goes away square and true with flex and reach. We think this guy is going to work on those powerful more moderate females that need more design without sacrificing feet, legs, and build. If you want to make Landrace that can win and have future, then take it SERIOUSLY!!!!