Shut Ur Mouth (Berkshire)

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Sire: Keep Talkin'

Dam: I 4 N Eye

Bred by: Platt Showpigs

Ear Notch: 31-1

Registration: 142142001

Stress Status: Negative

Housed at Upperhand

Shut Ur Mouth has been an absolute standout from the start and is one of the best Berkshire boars that we have seen. He is sired by the $60,000 Keep Talkin’ boar that has had a great first season and will continue to make the right kind. Mother of this boar is a female that came from Heimer. She was a high dollar baby pig and went on to be named Reserve Berkshire Gilt at the 2016 IN State Fair Jr Show. A pedigree that has worked in the showring making winners year after year, and one awesome boar that is going to make his MARK!!!!

Shut Ur Mouth is built as good as you can make one in terms of skeleton, being attractive on the side with great angles up front and behind. Shape and muscle when you get on him with a big center body and comes at you wide and square and leaves you with a perfect hip and hind leg that is loose and flexible and square to the ground. Color in the litter was good and color has been good out of Keep Talkin. Hard to predict, but we don’t see it being an issue to the next generation. This is one incredible boar that doesn’t come along often will make the kind of hogs that make you SHUT UR MOUTH!!!!!