Ski Patrol (Chester)

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Sire: Mountain Mike
Dam: First Take ($13,000 Reserve Grand Purebred 2018 San Angelo Stock Show)
Bred by: Ottenwalter Showpigs
Ear Notch: 260-1
Registration: 154724001

Ski Patrol was an off the farm purchase from Ottenwalter and one that Russell was telling me about for a good while. After seeing this dude’s sire this spring at Ottenwalters, I said for sure was interested if in the same league. Mother of Ski Patrol is a $13,000 female that was named Reserve Grand Overall at the 2018 San Angelo Stock Show and was bred by Blount Farms. Power in the blood on both sides and Chester hogs built like this one will win a bunch.

Ski Patrol is one good looking dude on the side that is high headed with a crazy long neck and level spined. He is an attractive boar, yet offers that shape and muscle we need with power coming and going. He is up on pasterns with big feet, heavy boned, and leaves with a square hind leg and clean hock. When wanting to hit the Chester showring and win some banners, call on SKI PATROL!!!!