Special Delivery (Duroc)

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Sire: Last Drop
Dam: Backroad
Bred by: Weisinger and Hoge
Ear Notch: 68-5
Registration: 404393005
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

Special Delivery is boar that we got from Weisinger and Hoge. We dealt back in forth for 3 weeks to get him bought, and extremely glad to bring him to Indiana. Littermate barrow to him was named Grand Overall Barrow at the 2019 Expo and was said by many to be one of the very best barrows shown at the Expo. Mother is going to be a real generator, and a young sow that Hoge raised.

Special Delivery is going to be a barrow making machine. If he makes offspring as good as himself or his littermate brother, then get ready for a bunch of banners. He is a stout made dude with shape and spread up high and takes power to the ground with a good center body. Comes at you square with width and leaves with a killer hip and hind leg that is square and flexible. When wanting to downsize, add power, and keep look, then order a SPECIAL DELIVERY!!!!