Tree Shaker (Crossbred)

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Sire: Perfect Remedy
Dam: High Society
Bred by: Flash Farms
Owned with: Brinning/Creager/Burzlaff
Housed at Upperhand Genetics
Ear Notch: 36-2
Stress Status: Carrier

Here is our $54,000 high selling Crossbred Classic purchase, and one of the most talked about boars we have purchased. We teamed up with a great group of breeders to bring Tree Shaker to Upper Hand Genetics. If you have seen the show Swamp People you know exactly what a "tree Shaker" is. If you haven't - a "tree shaker" is the name given to big alligators that gator hunters are just dying to catch. When we went down to Indy, we were hoping to find another great boar, and we did just that by finding Tree Shaker. Tree Shaker is stout and powerful with a killer look that grabbed everyone's attention at Indy. He is flexible on his feet and legs. This boar has the perfect length of body and frame size to generate barrows that can win any show in the country. He has great shape up high and carries it through his stifle. Tree Shaker is flexible on his feet and legs and meets the ground square coming and going. Tree Shaker is ideal about his natural rib, center body, and stout featured. This guy is special!! We can't wait to see his offspring heading to the backdrop!!