Cuss A Little (Hampshire)

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Sire: Top Gun
Dam: Open Bar
Bred by: Heimer Hampshires
Ear Notch: 324-4
Registration: 512382004

Cuss A Little is our 2022 STC $170,000 Grand Champion Hampshire purchase from Heimer. We went to STC with a mission to find the Hampshire boar that we needed for our program and came home with not only that but the one that the Hampshire breed needs. In the record selling Hampshire sale, this is the one that topped them and beat them all. He is not only an outlier but a fixer. Not only a current winning topside for a pedigree but dam side offers some different blood. Grandmother is a female that came from our great friends, the Wendt Family, and has some older different breeding back the way.

Cuss A Little is so good everywhere, and I think the best way to put it, like so many at the show and visitors at the stud have said, “This boar can breed them all”. And we feel the same way because he is the attractive built boar on the side with incredible set up front. His hind leg flexes, he is level topped, and can get out and roll. He is also the heavy boned, power boar when you get on top of him, offers shape and spread, and takes it to the ground with great pasterns. This one is the one that has been needed for a good while, and he is so good that judge Pat Arkfeld on the mic made him CUSS A LITTLE!!!!!!

Housed at Upperhand Genetics