Cybertron (Hereford)

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Transformer X Stronghold 

Bred by & Owned with Corya Family Showpigs
Purchased from Upperhand Genetics 

Housed at Crossroads Genetics 

  • Awesome kind of Hereford boar that we are pumped to now have at Crossroads after his initial stint at Upperhand! A big thank you to Travis for sending him our way!
  • A Hereford boar that comes from an incredible litter with a predictable pedigree!
  • His sire, Transformer, has been a breeding changing legend!
  • His mother is the most decorated sow at the Corya ranch, as she has produced the Champion & Reserve Gilts at 2021 NJSS, the World Recording Selling Herf Gilt in 2021, and the 3rd Overall Herf Gilt at 2022 OYE to scratch the surface on a few accolades!
  • The litter he comes from not only includes that 3rd Overall OYE gilt, but it also consisted of the Champion & Reserve Herf Gilts at 2022 Breeders’ Cup. Those 2 females, along with one other, dominated the Ohio Winter Circuit as well!
  • A litter that Corya will tell you is the best litter they’ve had to date, and his 3 sisters are ones they’re building from!
  • To echo the way Travis described him, he is one that has that unmatched look and pattern from the side! A naturally high headed one that is tall fronted and level!
  • A square built one that uses his hip and hind leg in the appropriate manner!
  • One that has big feet and big bones and is still strong on his front pasterns!
  • The babies out of him have been unreal and we have big expectations for what we feel he can continue to do for us!
  • Take the guesswork out of the equation with his proven pedigree, incredible litter, and successful breeding program he has backing him!