Different League (Crossbred)

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Major League x Next Intention x End Game x Romeo
Housed at Ottenwalter Showpigs

Stress Negative

- DIFFERENT LEAGUE is our 2023 Exchange purchase from Streber Genetics and we could not believe we got this one bought!

- We haven’t been this excited about a boar purchase since Wedding Night! Honestly, it is rare for us to buy a boar, but after seeing videos and hearing about how good this one’s momma, grandma, and siblings are, he was an absolute MUST-HAVE!!

- Different League is both the heaviest legged and shaggiest animal residing in Colusa, and that is no exaggeration! However, what gets us most excited about him is for as incredibly stout as he is, he has an awesome hip and hind leg that can reach and flex and his pastern set is absolutely ideal.

- Different League is a power boar that will bring monster legs and feet to the table along with a round rib cage, a dense, stout skull, and a bold chest.

- We couldn’t be more thrilled about the pedigree this stud brings to the table — stacking Next’s mom in his pedigree three times along the great End Game sow of Streber’s on the bottom side.

- DIFFERENT LEAGUE will see as heavy of use as any sire added to the stud in recent history. After all, this one is in a DIFFERENT LEAGUE!!