Dimaggio (Spot)

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Stress Negative
Registration #: 169849004
Ear Notch: 5-4
Housed at West Texas Genetics

Just sired Reserve Champion Spot Gilt San Angelo Jr Show, Reserve Spot Gilt San Angelo Stars, 5th Overall Spot Gilt San Angelo Stars.

Of the brothers, Dimaggio is the most excessive in regards to flexibility. He is also the longest and most extended through his front end. At 3 days old, this one was thought to be the truest in his toes and dew claws while showing an 8-8 underline. Hence the name Dimaggio, we feel he will be a true, consistent, long term generator. Like the rest of the siblings in both litters, he is great coming and going, stands on a large substance of bone, and meets the surface strong and true on his pasterns.

3rd Overall and Reserve Spot Gilt San Angelo Star 2019, Class Winning Barrow San Antonio 2019, 2nd Barrow Dallas 2019, Class Winning and 2nd Jr Gilt San Angelo 2019, 2nd San Antonio 2019, 2nd Houston 2019, 3rd Barrow Expo 2019, Champion Spot California Mid State 2019, Class Winning Spot Gilt San Antonio Jr Show 2020, Reserve Champion Spot Barrow San Antonio 2020