Doin' This (Crossbred)

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Sire: Next In Line
Dam: LAZ
Bred by: Berger Farms
Owned with: Berger Farms/Kilmer Swine Farm/Three’s Company
Ear Notch: 1-5
Stress Status: Negative

Doin This is our off the farm purchase from Berger Farms in Texas. We teamed up with Kilmer and Three’s Company to get this dude bought, and the first season was only used in our sow herd and our partners. When I got to see the first video of this guy while at a sale in Texas, it was all I thought about for a whole week. I called Coby Berger to price, he was proud of him and rightfully so. This guy was out of a great litter and a sow line that has worked for those guys and the pigs out of this dude are flat impressive.

Doin This is one if not the most impressive 100 pound pigs I have seen and still looks like that to this day. So dence about his skeleton with monster legs, huge feet, correct in his shoulder set, and can still grab and reach on the side from behind. He is massive in terms of spread, true shape and muscle up high, takes that  power to ground with a huge rib and center body. If need power, bone, shape, and rib, then you better start DOIN THIS!!!!